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Your Play

  • Your script must be an original, unpublished and unproduced piece of work. ‘Unproduced’ is defined as having both (a) had no more than 6 performances for which people could buy tickets and (b) not having received a professional review. Any scripts that have been published or produced will be automatically disqualified.

  • Translations, children’s plays, adaptations of other plays or other works in other media (e.g. novels, musicals, films) are not eligible. The only exception might be a re-telling of an ancient story or myth where no direct use is made of another writer’s work.

  • Scripts may be written by more than one writer, but in this situation both writers must meet the eligibility criteria (see eligibility).

  • You can submit a play that you have previously submitted to the Woven Voices Prize, if the play has been significantly developed since.

  • You may submit only one script.

Length, Scale, and Focus

Given that this prize offers a production at Jermyn Street Theatre, we are looking for complete, full-length scripts. Our understanding of ‘full length’ are scripts that have a running time of at least 60 minutes. Typically, this will be indicated by being of at least 8000 words OR being at least 45 pages in length, although this may not apply to your play if it is written in a different form. . There is no upper length limit. 


The script should be performable with a maximum of six actors.


The script may call for music or singing but it should not be a musical or a pantomime. 


There are no requirements for the focus or topic of the script.



The script must be written primarily in English, and accessible to an English-speaking audience. Where the script incorporates other languages, translations should be provided for the reader. We recognise that English is a language that takes many forms, variants and dialects. We recognise that language proficiency may be a barrier to writers for whom English isn't a first language. The judging process will take this into account and seek not to discriminate on this basis.

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