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As we launch the second edition of the prize, we want to thank the brilliant organisations who supported its inauguration last year and continue to champion migrant voices in the theatre industry.  

Actors Touring Company produces international contemporary theatre that travels – making the global, local and the local, global. They are one of the only British theatre companies committed to producing international plays, and to touring the work of those global voices throughout the UK (and beyond).  


PROJEKT EUROPA is an international theatre company making new work by migrant theatre makers for local and global audiences. They make theatre from an international perspective, exploring new sustainable ways of collaborating across borders. They are resident company at The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, and from this base they originate, develop and produce their work.


Migrants in Theatre is a movement made up of first generation migrant theatre artists and theatre companies who joined efforts to campaign for more and better representation of UK based migrant theatre artists in British theatre.

Phosphoros Theatre is a charity that makes socially engaged performance with, for, and by refugees and asylum seekers. They make and hold space for those with forced migration backgrounds to voice, reflect on and respond to their lived experience, taking charge of the narratives that seldom include their perspective.

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